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1999 ASIP Encourages Response to CSR

NIH Seeks Comments on Center for Scientific Review (CSR) 
The Panel on Scientific Boundaries for Review, an ad hoc working group of the Center for Scientific Review (CSR) Advisory Committee of the National Institutes of Health, is conducting a comprehensive examination of the organization and function of the review process carried out by CSR. The Panel, chaired by Bruce Alberts, President of the National Academy of Sciences is conducting this evaluation in two phases. In Phase 1, the Panel is developing a set of Integrated Review Groups (clusters of scientifically related study sections, referred to as IRGs) that have been designed to facilitate the review of contemporary scientific areas and opportunities. The Panel is also outlining some cultural norms that they believe should govern the CSR review process as well as the principles and procedures planned for Phase 2, in which the study sections that populate each IRG will be created. In both phases, the Panel is relying heavily on input from the broad scientific community to develop its final recommendations. The Panel has now posted its draft Phase 1 report on the World Wide Web for public comment through October 15, 1999.

I am writing to you as Executive Secretary of the Panel to ask that you alert your members to the opportunity to submit comments on the draft report. The Panel requests that these comments be submitted via the electronic mechanism that is supplied on the Web site containing the full report.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation. 

Linda Engel
Associate Director for Planning and Outreach
Center for Scientific Review
National Institutes of Health