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October 2017
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Path to Publish - the monthly AJP newsletter
The October issue of The American Journal of Pathology is excited to feature a series of review articles focusing on the Next Generation Omics of Breast Cancer.  This series of seven new reviews was put together by Associate Editor Dr. William Coleman.  The Journal is pleased that the release of these reviews can coincide with national Breast Cancer Awareness month.

Editor's Choice
Epigenetic Silencing of miRNA-34a in Human Cholangiocarcinoma via EZH2 and DNA Methylation: Impact on Regulation of Notch Pathway
Early Actions of Anti–Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor/Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor Receptor Drugs on Angiogenic Blood Vessels
Next Generation Breast Cancer Omics
Triple-Negative Breast Cancer: Next-Generation Sequencing for Target Identification  
The Epigenomic Revolution in Breast Cancer: From Single-Gene to Genome-Wide Next-Generation Approaches  
AJP in the News
New Research on Probiotics in the Prevention and Treatment of Colon Cancer
Gut Microbe–Mediated Suppression of Inflammation-Associated Colon Carcinogenesis by Luminal Histamine Production

Manuscript Prep

Check your blots!  Blot images that are made up of multiple gel runs spliced into a single image, need to be clearly defined as such in the legend.  Also- double check to make sure you haven’t duplicated images when putting together the final figure.  Be on the lookout both as an author AND as a reviewer!

Did you know…

The American Journal of Pathology has appointed its next Editor-in-Chief?


Dr. Martha Furie has been named the upcoming Editor-in-Chief and will take the reins starting January 2018.


Dr. Furie has a long history of working with the Journal, having served as an editorial board member, Associate Editor, and currently, as Senior Associate Editor.  She has also been active in ASIP for many years, having been the Program Committee chair for the annual meeting at EB, Education Committee chair, ASIP council member, as well as serving a term as ASIP president.


Dr. Furie will be joined by Dr. William Coleman who will serve as Senior Associate Editor.  Dr. Coleman also has a long history with ASIP and AJP previously served as Associate Editor for the Journal, is the head of the Breast Cancer scientific interest group, and a previous recipient of the ASIP Outstanding Investigator Award.


The Journal is excited to welcome the new editors, and looks forward to where things will lead under their leadership. 

October 2017

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