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November 2018
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Looking to increase your odds of publication success while also making the process easier on you, your coauthors, and the editors? When preparing your manuscripts for submission, always look up the scope of the Journal you plan to submit to in order to ensure your work fits with the aims of the publication. Consider submission to Journals you read and use in your own labs. And take a moment to survey the Instructions to Authors for formatting guidelines which may be Journal specific. Some Journals will automatically reject manuscripts that don’t conform to style, so make sure your important work will get seen by the Editors!

Editor's Choice

Role of Apolipoprotein L1 in Human Parietal Epithelial Cell Transition

Also read the associated Commentary, available FREE online!
APOL1–miR-193 Axis as a Bifunctional Regulator of the Glomerular Parietal Epithelium: Maintaining Parietal Cell Phenotype versus Promoting Podocyte Differentiation

Open Access
The Role of Neonatal Gr-1+ Myeloid Cells in a Murine Model of Rhesus-Rotavirus–Induced Biliary Atresia
ASIP Member Submissions
Heparin-Binding Epidermal Growth Factor–Like Growth Factor as a Critical Mediator of Tissue Repair and Regeneration
Adult Hepatocytes Are Hedgehog-Responsive Cells in the Setting of Liver Injury: Evidence for Smoothened-Mediated Activation of NF-κB/Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor/Akt in Hepatocytes that Counteract Fas-Induced Apoptosis
AJP in the News
Inflammation in the womb may explain why some babies are more prone to sepsis after birth

Prenatal Intra-Amniotic Endotoxin Induces Fetal Gut and Lung Immune Responses and Postnatal Systemic Inflammation in Preterm Pigs


This article is also an Editor's Choice selection for October and is therefore FREE online to all readers.


Did you know…

Deadlines for items related to the ASIP 2019 annual meeting at Experimental Biology are already upon us?

Abstract submission is OPEN!  Abstracts are due next Wednesday, November 14th. Be sure to check the ASIP Topic Categories when submitting your work.

Travel Awards to attend Experimental Biology next April are also open for application. Click the following links to learn about The George K. Michalopoulos Junior Faculty Travel Award and the ASIP Trainee Travel Awards, to see if you or someone you know may be eligible.

The ASIP Experimental Pathologist-in-Training and ASIP Experimental Pathologist-in-Graduate Training awards are also available for the EB 2019 award cycle.

All award applications are due by November 14th.


Registration for the 2019 Experimental Biology meeting is also open.  Click here to secure your spot and we hope to see you in Orlando!



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November 2018
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