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July 2019
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The planned migration from EVISE to Editorial Manager will be taking place July 11th-12th and during this time the platform will be completely shut down.  Submissions, resubmissions, reviews, and decision letters will all be halted for the duration of the migration.  Users who have an active EVISE account will receive a notification when the migration is complete, and an update will also come from the Editorial Office with the link to access the new interface.  Thank you for your patience while this change is implemented.


Rous-Whipple Award Lecture Review

Pathogen Colonization Resistance in the Gut and Its Manipulation for Improved Health  

Network Medicine in Pathobiology
Pericytes Act as Key Players in Spinal Cord Injury  
ASIP Member Submissions
A Noncanonical Role for Plasminogen Activator Inhibitor Type 1 in Obesity-Induced Diabetes
AJP in the News
New finding: Biomarker indicates tumor aggressiveness and poor prognosis in men with prostate cancer

CCN3/Nephroblastoma Overexpressed Is a Functional Mediator of Prostate Cancer Bone Metastasis That Is Associated with Poor Patient Prognosis  


This article is also an Editor's Choice selection for July and is therefore FREE online to all readers!

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Some of the additional tools offered by our Publisher make it easy to see the list of what has been Most Downloaded, Most Cited (since 2016) and the Top Social Media Articles?  Follow the links to check out the content that has been popular lately. Content from ASIP authors is listed in all three places!




The July issue features the first article in the recently updated "Machine Learning, Computational Pathology, and Biophysical Imaging" section.  Automated Identification and Quantification of Signals in Multichannel Immunofluorescence Images: The SignalFinder-IF Platform, which is also featured on the cover, is the first original research article accepted under the scope expansion announced by The American Journal of Pathology at the beginning of the year.  We look forward to featuring more submissions related to digital pathology and machine learning in the future!


July 2019

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