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January 2018
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Happy New Year from The American Journal of Pathology As was mentioned in the last issue of Path to Publish, 2018 starts off with a new Editor-in-Chief in Dr. Martha B. Furie, as well as an expanded scope.  Read Dr. Furie’s welcome editorial in the January issue here  Additionally, there is also an Editorial from ASIP member Dr. Jose Otero, introducing this month’s theme issue in Neural Regeneration and Development.


Theme Reviews- Neural Regeneration and Development
Primary Cilia in Brain Development and Diseases  
Function and Dysfunction of Adult Hippocampal Neurogenesis in Regeneration and Disease
Space Invaders: Brain Tumor Exploitation of the Stem Cell Niche
The Healthy and Diseased Microenvironments Regulate Oligodendrocyte Properties: Implications for Regenerative Medicine
Determinants of Axon Growth, Plasticity, and Regeneration in the Context of Spinal Cord Injury
AJP in the News
Unique pattern of brain inflammation may explain neurocognitive impairment in HIV patients on antiretroviral drugs
Lymphocyte-Dominant Encephalitis and Meningitis in Simian Immunodeficiency Virus–Infected Macaques Receiving Antiretroviral Therapy


Manuscript Prep

The Instructions to Authors have been updated for 2018.  When preparing your manuscript, head here for tips on how to format your text, tables, figures and references for proper manuscript submission.

Did you know…

The latest Perspectives article appearing in The American Journal of Pathology, is from current ASIP President Daniel G. Remick and colleagues from Boston University School of Medicine.  The article, “Enhancing Scientific Foundations to Ensure Reproducibility” is available online free to all readers.


AJP previously published a Perspectives article from Executive Officer Mark E. Sobel and science policy consultant Jennifer Dreyfus, entitled “Disruptive Influences on Research in Academic Pathology Departments: Proposed Changes to the Common Rule Governing Informed Consent for Research Use of Biospecimens and to Rules Governing Return of Research Results”, and is also free for all interested parties to read.


Perspectives articles are considered on an invitation only basis.  Any proposal for a Perspectives article can be sent via email to for consideration.




January 2018

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