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December 2017
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The American Journal of Pathology has reason to celebrate!  Not only do we have a new Editor-in-Chief, it’s early December and 2017’s total submissions have surpassed the total from 2016!  Thank you to all our authors, especially ASJP member authors.  Submissions from members also increased this year- three member publications appear in the December issue!

Editor's Choice
ABIN1 Determines Severity of Glomerulonephritis via Activation of Intrinsic Glomerular Inflammation  
Combination of Aβ Suppression and Innate Immune Activation in the Brain Significantly Attenuates Amyloid Plaque Deposition  
ASIP Member Publications
miRNA-122 Protects Mice and Human Hepatocytes from Acetaminophen Toxicity by Regulating Cytochrome P450 Family 1 Subfamily A Member 2 and Family 2 Subfamily E Member 1 Expression
Clinical Evidence Supports a Protective Role for CXCL5 in Coronary Artery Disease
AJP in the News
New Study Identifies Targets to Lessen the Effects of Alcoholic Liver Disease
Regulation of Cellular Senescence by miR-34a in Alcoholic Liver Injury  *This manuscript is also by an ASIP member author


Manuscript Prep

Check that title page- required components are: author list, author affiliations (while work was being done), current address footnote (if applicable, to authors who have moved during the review process), short running title (<40 characters), disclosures, a funding statement (to include institutional support if no external grants were used), and full contact information for the corresponding author.

Did you know…

There is a new scope for AJP!


The American Journal of Pathology, the official journal of the American Society for Investigative Pathology (ASIP) and published by Elsevier, Inc., seeks high-quality original research reports, reviews, and commentaries related to the molecular and cellular basis of disease. The editors will consider basic, translational, and clinical investigations that directly address mechanisms of pathogenesis or provide a foundation for future mechanistic inquiries. Examples of such foundational investigations include data mining, identification of biomarkers, molecular pathology, and discovery research. High priority is given to studies of human disease and relevant experimental models using molecular, cellular, and organismal approaches.


The tagline for the Journal has also updated to "Discoveries in Basic and Translational Pathobiology".


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December 2017

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