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Dia Pellerin
Project Coordinator
Phone: (240) 283-9703


Getting Involved in ASIP!

Join a Scientific Interest Group
Scientific Interest Groups represent the diverse research interests of the ASIP membership. These subsections are responsive to the needs and specialty interests of their respective ASIP constituents by providing assistance in program development at the annual meeting and networking opportunities for young investigative pathologists.
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ASIP Ambassadors
Ambassadors are ASIP members* that represent ASIP to their institutions and companies. Ambassadors serve for a calendar year at a time, and receive packets of information about ASIP Scientific meetings, journals, and educational initiatives throughout the year to distribute to their colleagues and post on bulletin boards.
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Are you a Trainee?
Volunteer to serve on the ASIP Trainee Newsletter Team. We have some terrific opportunities for our Trainees to get involved in the ASIP Trainee Newsletter!
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