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ASIP Outstanding Investigator
Award Recipients
(Funded by ASIP)

  • 2015 Anindya Dutta
  • 2014 S. Paul Monga pdf
  • 2013 William B. Coleman pdf
  • 2012 Kojo Elenitoba-Johnson pdf
  • 2011 Mark A. Smith
  • 2010 Charleen T. Chu
  • 2009 Mel Feany

Amgen Outstanding Investigator
Award Recipients
(Funded by Amgen, Inc.)

  • 2008 David M. Engman pdf
  • 2007 Gerald S. Shadel
  • 2006 Jonathan Pollack
  • 2006 Jerrold R. Turner
  • 2005 Arul Chinnaiyan pdf
  • 2004 U. von Andrian

Pfizer Outstanding Investigator
Award Recipients
(Funded by Pfizer)

Awardees from 2000 and Earlier



More Information about Meritorious Awards PDF


Constanza Gonzalez
Project Coordinator
cgonzalez at asip dot org > Awards & Honors > Meritorious > Outstanding Investigator

ASIP Outstanding Investigator Award

First awarded in 1957 as the Warner-Lambert-Parke Davis Outstanding Investigator Award through 2000 (then as the Pfizer Outstanding Investigator Award from 2001-2003 and the Amgen Outstanding Investigator Award from 2004-2008), this prestigious annual award recognizes mid-career investigators with demonstrated excellence in research in experimental pathology. The Meritorious Awards Committee will consider the published record of peer-reviewed research and overall impact of the science, mentorship, and participation of the candidate and protégés in ASIP scientific meetings. There is no age eligibility requirement for this award; however, prior experience suggests that most successful awardees are in transition from Associate Professor to Professor (or equivalent) and are under 50-years of age at the time of nomination. Awardees will receive an honorarium and a plaque at the ASIP Annual Meeting that will form the basis of a publication in The American Journal of Pathology. Nominations for the award require: 1) three letters of recommendation including two from members of the Society; 2) the candidate's curriculum vitae including bibliography; and 3) ASIP membership in good standing for at least five years prior to nomination.

The Deadline was October 1st, 2014

For more information on ASIP Meritorious Awards contact Constanza Gonzalez,