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how to submit a nomination for a Meritorious Award

ASIP recognizes outstanding achievements by our members at various stages of their careers. These awards are presented to individual members of the society who have made significant contributions to the field of pathology through excellence in research, outstanding teaching, mentorship, and leadership.

Meritorious Award winners are selected by the ASIP Meritorious Awards Committee.  The committee is comprised of seven members: six members who are directly elected by the ASIP membership and the President-Elect (Chair). Each year, the committee reviews all applications submitted within the nomination period.

The ASIP is now accepting nominations for Meritorious awards which will be presented at the ASIP 2020 Annual Meeting at Experimental Biology in San Diego, CA (April 4-8, 2020). 

To submit your nomination, please click the appropriate award category in the left navigation box to access the writable PDF Application Form. In addition to the Application Form, you will also be required to provide the following supporting documentation: (i) three letters of recommendation, including at least two from current ASIP members, and (ii) the nominee's curriculum vitae, including a complete bibliography.

Please note that the application package will not be reviewed unless ALL required documents are submitted.