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Meritorious Awards

Gold-Headed Cane
Outstanding Investigator
Cotran Early Career Investigator
Young Scientist Leadership
--Formerly the Excellence in Science Award--
Robbins Distinguished Educator

ASIP Junior Faculty Awards

ASIP Junior Faculty Award
ASIP Junior Faculty Award to attend ASIP Annual Meeting at EB
ASIP Junior Faculty Award to attend PISA 2015

ASIP Trainee Travel Awards

Experimental Pathologist-in-Training (EPIT)
Experimental Pathologist-in-Graduate-Training (EPIGT)
ASIP Annual Meeting Trainee Travel Award
ASIP Trainee Travel Award for Late-breaking Abstracts
A.D. Sobel-ASIP Education Fund
Hans-Monga Family Trainee Travel
Marcos Rojkind-Monga ASIP Trainee Travel
Gotlieb Undergraduate Student Travel Award
(Funded by Gotlieb Family Fund for Undergraduate Education in Pathobiology)
Under-Represented Groups (URG) Trainee Travel
The Histochemical Society Sponsored Trainee Travel Award to attend the ASIP Annual Meeting at Experimental Biology
ASIP International Trainee Travel Award
The American Society for Investigative Pathology - American Physician Scientists Association Partnership Trainee Travel Award to attend the ASIP Annual Meeting at Experimental Biology

Other Awards

American College of Veterinary Pathologists (ACVP) Trainee Travel Award
Intersociety Council for Pathology Information (ICPI) Trainee Travel Award
SIPMet Young Investigator Award to Attend the ASIP Annual Meeting
ASIP Summer Research Opportunity Program in Pathology (SROPP)

FASEB Excellence in Science Award
Immunohistochemistry and Microscopy Short Course


EPIGT Awardees

  • 2015 Benjamin Woolbright
  • 2014 Jing Yang
  • 2013 Chad Walesky
  • 2012 Jacqueline D. Jones
  • 2011 Keli Kolegraff
  • 2010 Jianping Zhao
  • 2009  Xinglong Wang
  • 2008  Cecelia Yates
Merit Awardees
  • 2015 Carina A. Dehner
  • 2014 Sarah Headland
  • 2013 Ana Monteiro
  • 2012 Prince Awuah
  • 2012 Duke A. Geem
  • 2011 Abigale Lade
  • 2010 Kari Nejak-Bowen
  • 2009 Rupninder Sandhu
  • 2008 Michael Thompson

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Tara A. Snethen, CAE, CMP
Senior Director of Meetings & Society Services
tsnethen at asip dot org

PISA 2015 > Awards & Honors > ASIP Trainee Travel > EPIGT

ASIP Experimental Pathologist-in-Graduate Training Award (EPIGT)


The EPIGT is a prestigious award presented to an ASIP trainee member who is a graduate student in a PhD training program, MD/PhD training program or MD training program who has excelled in investigative efforts in studying mechanisms of disease, as evidenced by an abstract submission to the ASIP annual meeting (these abstracts MUST be submitted to ASIP topic categories), an extended research report (this report should not exceed 750 words nor include more than one table), and a letter of recommendation attesting to the candidate's role in the work and potential as a biomedical research investigator. The award includes: a certificate of achievement for the winning abstract presented at the ASIP Annual Meeting Awards Presentation at the Experimental Biology Meeting, a $1,500 stipend and complimentary meeting registration.

Candidates for the EPIGT Award are also considered for ASIP Merit Awards ($1,250 plus complimentary registration), which will be awarded to the best graduate/medical student abstract. Each applicant must be a trainee member of ASIP. Prior recipients of the EPIGT and Merit Awards may reapply if the work submitted is clearly distinct from the work previously submitted for their winning application (not just a continuation of the same project). In such cases, the applicants should submit a copy of the previous winning application along with the new application.



A note from the 2008 EPIGT Awardee, Cecelia Yates...

Cecelia Yates"I am delighted and honored to have been the recipient of the 2008 Experimental Pathologist in Graduate Training award. As a result I was able to attend the 2008 annual Experimental Biology meeting in San Diego CA. It was not only exciting but beneficial to be apart of this meeting in which leading experts discussed diverse topics in the field of investigative pathology. This was the perfect forum to gather and share ideas that affects the field of pathology in a global environment.

This award has allowed me to focus on career enrichment and development both of which are key focus points of my graduate studies. My scientific interest lies in the cellular abnormalities that cause human disease and events of the restructuring of different tissues that result from injury particularly during wound healing. More specifically, determining what signals end the wound healing response and allow the regenerated tissue to form mature functional skin. This project is an interface between basic pathobiology and advanced technologies which is one of the most exciting developments in investigative pathology. As the recipient of EPIGT award I was afforded the opportunity to diversify my scientific contribution in wound healing and areas surrounding investigative pathology, develop a network of collaborations, and obtain a broad view of approaches to scientific problems."

Cecelia Christina Yates