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For More Information Contact:
Tara A. Snethen, CAE, CMP

The ASIP SROPP Award is supported byICPI MARC

ASIP Summer Research Opportunity Program in Pathology (SROPP)

Saul Suster, MD

Contact Information

Saul Suster, M.D.
Medical College of Wisconsin
Department of Pathology
Dynacare Lab Bldg., Rm. 226
9200 West Wisconsin Avenue
Milwaukee, WI 53226
(414) 805-6968 Fax: (414) 805-6938

Member of the Following FASEB Societies:

American Society for Investigative Pathology

Program Description:

This project will review 20 years of nasal and paranasal tumors from a Mexican population of children and adults residents in Mexico City as well as in all the states outside the Federal District. This opportunity will be unique, because it will allow us to examine subjects with lifelong exposures to the severe air pollution in Metropolitan Mexico City as well as in cities with less air pollution.

Every infected individual develops T and B cell responses to the latent EBV antigens, and in theory keep persistent EBV infection in check and avoid EBV associated malignancies in most persistently infected individuals. Environmental factors and changes in the mucosal microenvironments, however, favor the development of EBV associated malignancies.

The focus of this work is to define if residency in a highly polluted environment could influence an anomalous immune EBV escape, which in turn would favor the development of EBV-associated malignancies.

Reports from Previous Students:

Rodolfo Villarreal-Calderon, 2011


Please contact Dr. Saul Suster - Email:; Tel: (414) 805-6968