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President's Welcome

ASIP President
July 1, 2018 - June 30, 2019

President's Welcome
Asma Nusrat, MD

It is truly an honor to serve as President of the American Society for Investigative Pathology (ASIP). I begin my term after a dynamic year at ASIP during which Dr. Mark Sobel retired as Executive Officer, and two senior executives were added: Dr. William Coleman, our new Executive Officer, and Dr. Martha Furie, Editor-in-Chief of our flagship journal, The American Journal of Pathology (AJP). The energy Dr. Coleman and Dr. Furie bring to the table is galvanizing our efforts, as exemplified by our Editor-in-Chief's newly-expanded article submission categories that now include translational research and novel biomarkers of disease. This expansion has led to the submission of cutting-edge papers and a rise in AJP's impact factor. The ASIP Publications Committee, in turn, has developed strategies to improve manuscript review efficiency, increase revenue streams, and enhance readership and visibility of the Journal. Cultivating an environment in which new ideas and fresh approaches to challenges are encouraged is a fundamental aspect of my tenure as president.

As we turn towards the future, I feel it is important to honor and build upon the work of our predecessors, in particular someone who has dedicated many years of tireless work on behalf of ASIP and who has played a significant role in shaping the direction of the Society, supporting career advancement for many trainees and faculty, introducing research educational initiatives, and most of all, bringing members together for the advancement of experimental pathology: Mark Sobel, our new Executive Officer Emeritus. Mark was instrumental in guiding our Publications Committee and his experience and acumen proved invaluable in the consideration and selection of editors to lead the AJP. In addition, Mark generously established the Sobel Travel Award Program, which continues to be supported by member contributions. This award has funded many trainees over the past decade, enabling them to attend our annual meeting at Experimental Biology, while also facilitating and attracting new members. Finally, Mark has mentored countless trainees, junior faculty members and associates. I would like to personally express my gratitude to him for his support of my involvement in the Society and valuable career advice as a physician-scientist.

As president, my vision is to capitalize on the pathogenesis of disease as a common thread that can unify and build up our membership. ASIP has a long and distinguished history of bringing together scientists and physician-scientists from across the spectrum of disease pathogenesis to advance biomedical research. We must articulate the value ASIP brings to the investigative pathology community: in addition to promoting basic research, ASIP builds bridges that link scientific investigation, clinical practice, and public understanding of research; as a Society, we collaborate and expand the scientific foundation upon which new discoveries are made.

To attain this vision, the first goal is to grow the community of physicians and scientists within the discipline of pathology. As a member of the ASIP Program Committee, I have witnessed the tireless effort of our diverse scientific interest groups as they unite to further the goals of our Society. I now challenge our scientific interest groups to investigate ways we can reach out and encompass an expanded focus from immune/inflammatory, infectious, and degenerative diseases to cancer. In addition, we will seek to partner with other scientific societies, thereby broadening our reach and further advancing our mission.

Like other societies, ASIP is faced with challenges, many caused by resource constraints, compounded with increases in the number of societal options available to researchers. For example, NIH payline limitations result in scientists having to choose between society memberships and conference attendance; funding constraints discourage trainees and young investigative pathologists from seeking careers in academia. These issues may seem daunting, but they are not insurmountable; our ASIP Council in partnership with the American Board of Pathology, FASEB and the NIH is working diligently to find ways to effectively address such challenges. As we move forward, we will encounter a number of new challenges, but I believe that together, we can overcome them and raise ASIP to new heights of success. I therefore call upon our junior members and trainees to fully participate in these efforts - to bring new ideas to the table and volunteer your services within ASIP; this is a fantastic way to network with other researchers and build your career. Remember, you are the future of ASIP! We look to you to reach out to the next generation of scientists who may be in college or graduate school.

I look forward to working with our Society members to explore new ways to grow our Society and foster awareness of experimental pathology as an interdisciplinary approach to understanding the fundamental mechanisms of disease. I am excited to mentor trainees and junior faculty, and engage with them as they bring their ideas to the table. Furthermore, I am committed to maximizing their opportunities to actively participate in the Society. Additionally, I anticipate partnering with other scientific societies to advance the scientific mission of ASIP. Most of all, I look forward to serving together with you and welcome this opportunity to grow together.