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President's Welcome

On behalf of the premier scientific society dedicated to advancing the vibrant field of experimental pathology, I extend a warm welcome to members and those who want to learn more about the American Society for Investigative Patholgy (ASIP). I am very honored that I was chosen to lead ASIP in the first year of its second century as a scholarly society. There is much to celebrate beside being 101 years young. The Society remains fiscally strong under the guidance of Mark Sobel, our Executive Officer; James Douglas, our Chief Finance Officer; Bill Coleman, our immediate past Secretary-Treasurer and newly elected Vice President; and Dani Zander, our new Secretary-Treasurer. Our annual meeting has been carefully planned by the Program Committee led by Bill Luscinskas. We have an updated webpage, an active Trainee group and Trainee Newsletter, and a growing number of Scientific Interest Groups that provide virtual and face-to-face opportunities for networking and discussion within subdisciplines. Our flagship journal, The American Journal of Pathology, is now under the exceptional new leadership of Kevin Roth, who took the helm as Editor-in-Chief less than a year ago.

One constant over the first century of our existence is the importance of members and member participation. An important role of a Society is to provide a platform for dialogue and communication. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a meeting and in-person discussion of key scientific findings and ideas are worth millions. Those of you who regularly attend our Annual Meeting no doubt agree. In 2014, our Annual Meeting will be held April 26-30, in San Diego, in conjunction with the Experimental Biology conference.

The relatively small size of our Society belies it vitality and importance to the international pathology community. ASIP has long been a resource for experimental pathologists, has a rich tradition of educating biologists about pathology, and has been active in translational research and emphasizing the scientific foundation of diagnostic pathologists. It is easy to become involved, and volunteering to serve on committees is an outstanding way to make the most of your membership. Networking and friendships established through the work of the Society will broaden your scientific and personal horizons and enrich your career.

So, ASIP needs you. Please renew your membership, and encourage your colleagues to join. Remember, you will receive a $25 discount in your dues for each new regular member or next century member that you recommend before September 1, 2014 - see form. As President, I welcome inquiries, comments, and suggestions, which can be sent through the Society staff at, or can be sent directly to me at

James Mallory Musser, MD, PhD
ASIP President