ASIP Trainee Newsletter

Trainee Members Serving on ASIP Committees


Committee for Career Development and Diversity
Christi Kolarcik
Chad Walesky
Bryan Wilson



Education Committee
Michael Thompson



Membership Committee
Alexander Kikuchi
Rupninder Sandh



2017 Program Committee
Denuja Karunakaran


Publications Committee
Morgan Preziosi


Research and Science Policy Committee
Gustaaf de Ridder


Seeking New Committee Trainee Members

We are seeking trainees to become members of ASIP's standing committees. Please email Dia Pellerin if you are interested.


The ASIP Publications Committee is establishing a Social Media Editorial Board to be composed primarily of ASIP trainee members with the goal of assisting in communicating news about ASIP journals. Please submit your name and a brief summary of your social media experience (if any) to Dia Pellerin.