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Advocating For Pathology Research Funding

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Advocating on Behalf of Funding for Pathology Research

Quick and Easy Tools

ASIP believes it is important to advocate for expanded funding of scientific research, as well as other issues important to pathologists. This advocacy should occur both with those representatives that are not voting in support of biomedical research issues, as well as those representatives that you feel are doing a good job in representing your interests. Time and again, congressional representatives supportive of scientific research tell us that hearing from their constituents is key to providing information and support for their conversations with fellow representatives. Reaching out to those that already support scientific research provides them with critical information and increases their effectiveness.

ASIP, as part the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology (FASEB), encourages its members to utilize the resources available including FASEB state and district factsheets. These factsheets have been developed to help biomedical researchers convey the importance of National Institutes of Health funding to individual states and districts, the value of federally funded biomedical and biological research, and the damaging effects of sequestration cuts. Any of these factsheets can be customized to include both the ASIP logo, as well as the FASEB logo.

The FASEB Policy & Government Affairs webpages have many other useful advocacy tools and materials that are freely available to all FASEB society members. As an ASIP member, you can...

  • receive FASEB's e-Action Alerts with important updates on major public policy issues. Sign up for FASEB's e-Action Alerts here.
  • use FASEB's Congressional Visit Toolbox to learn how to plan a visit with senators and representatives in their home districts and/or on Capitol Hill. The Toolkit provides step-by-step information on how to communicate with elected officials, tips for making the most out of your visit, and printable advocacy materials to bring along and distribute.
  • visit FASEB's Legislative Action Center to identify your local elected officials as well as find up-to-date news on recent votes and elections and current legislation.
  • subscribe to FASEB's bi-weekly electronic newsletter, the Washington Update, which features federal policy issues important to biological and biomedical research. Sign-up to receive the Washington Update here.

Remember, it is just as important to talk with all representatives, regardless of their articulated support for scientific research. Researchers provide needed information when reaching out to all individuals with congressional influence.

Contact Jennifer Dreyfus or Jennifer Zeitzer for assistance in learning what you can do if you would like additional information on advocating for scientific research funding. In addition, if you would like a Factsheet customized to have both the FASEB and ASIP logos, please let us know.