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Veterinary and Comparative Pathology

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ASIP Members are invited to participate in the Veterinary and Comarative Pathology SIG Listserv. Please email Constanza Bacon to have your name and email address added to the listserv.

To send a message to the Veterinary and Comparative Pathology SIG Listserv, send your email to Please note that you must be a member of this listserv to send and receive messages.

Constanza Bacon
Project Coordinator
Tel: 301.634.7956
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Veterinary and Comparative Pathology Scientific Interest Group

The Veterinary and Comparative Pathology Scientific Interest Group of the American Society of Investigative Pathology is a community of scientists investigating animal and human diseases, including the fields of veterinary, avian, aquatic, comparative, wildlife and zoological pathology. This group embodies the "One Health" concept, namely, the interconnections between the health and well-being of human beings, animals and the environment, through efforts to enhance interdisciplinary collaborations. The Interest Group developed recently as an outgrowth of the American College of Veterinary Pathology Society Symposium at the Experimental Biology meeting through informal gatherings of veterinary and medical pathologists and scientists. Members of the group have met formally at the annual meeting of the ASIP at the Experimental Biology meeting to share research, develop collaborations, and provide networking opportunities to our members and trainees.


The mission of the Veterinary Pathology Scientific Interest Group is to provide, in the spirit of "One Health," a forum to forge collaborative relationships and idea exchange between scientist members of the ASIP and affiliated societies with research interests in veterinary and comparative pathology. These relationships will foster research integrating animal and human health, to the benefit of both.


Goals of these events:

  • Support participation in the American College of Veterinary Pathologists Society Symposium held yearly at the annual meeting of the ASIP in conjunction with the Experimental Biology meeting.
  • Enhance communications that encourage the development of research relationships between scientists from diverse backgrounds to promote cross-pollination of investigative efforts through sharing of different perspectives and expertise.
  • Promote excellence in veterinary and comparative medical research.
  • Provide opportunities for graduate students and resident trainees to interact with pathologists working in academic positions at medical and veterinary medical colleges and in the pharmaceutical industry. Disseminate information among pathology societies about continuing education and scientific meeting opportunities.