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ASIP Parterns with Elsevier to Publish The American Journal of Pathology

Author's Frequently Asked Questions

Will the direction/scope of the AJP change?
The direction of the AJP will continue to be molded by the Journal’s Editors, publishing “high-quality, original papers on the cellular and molecular biology of disease. The editors accept manuscripts that advance basic and translational knowledge of the pathogenesis, classification, diagnosis, and mechanisms of disease, without preference for a specific analytic method. High priority is given to studies on human disease and relevant experimental models using cellular, molecular, animal, biological, chemical, and immunological approaches in conjunction with morphology.

How should I submit my manuscripts?
Authors should continue to submit new and revised manuscripts online at Rapid Review ( In an unrelated move, the online submission interface was updated in November to improve the author experience.

Will the editorial review process change?
The editorial decision-making process will remain with the Editor-in-Chief and Associate Editors. We will continue to seek expert review from experienced external reviewers to aid this process.

Will author costs of publishing in the AJP change?
Author costs of publishing will remain the same ($95/page, $550/color figure, $50/black and white figure, $50/table, $95/supplemental file). As always, any future changes in publication costs will be announced in advance and will appear in revised Instructions to Authors.

How will I review proofs of my accepted article?
Proofs will be provided by Elsevier via Cadmus Communications (Cenveo) via email for download, as in the past. You should follow the instructions therein for where to return your corrected pages.

How will my article be published?
The AJP ( will remain online and in print form, at the same high quality you have come to expect.

Will the AJP continue to be compliant with PubMed Central deposit requirements?
The AJP will continue to deposit final published articles funded by NIH, HHMI, Wellcome Trust, and MRC in PubMed Central in compliance with each funding agency's requirements.